Our Junk Pickup Pricing

Our junk pickup pricing is based on volume (how much space your items take up) and how difficult the things are to remove. For example, a couch that is upstairs will cost more to remove than a couch on the first floor. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to give an accurate estimate over the phone, even with pictures. That’s why we create our estimates in person and offer them upfront and entirely free. If our quote is over your budget, you can simply decline.

Our Minimum Fee

Our minimum rate is $120 and covers your first 81 cubic feet for most debris. Certain items that are well within this minimum but are difficult to remove will be charged at different rates.

Junk Pickup Rates

After the 81 cubic foot minimum, our junk pickup rates drop down to $1.11 per cubic foot. Stairs, heavy and/or awkward items, debris entangled in brush, debris that’s in non-sanitary areas (such as animal feces, decaying matter, drug paraphernalia, rodent-infested, etc.) will increase the rate at which we charge.

Additional Costs

Some items have additional costs on top of the labor. This is due to fees from Lane County Waste Management to dispose of certain types of materials. These items include:

Mattress – $12 each
Box Spring – $12 each
Appliances with Refrigerant – $15.25
Propane Tanks – $4.50
Tires (no rim) – $3 each
Tires (with rim) – $4 each

Donating and Recycling
Your Junk

Whenever we can, we drop off your junk at local donation and recycling stations. This helps reduce waste, provides resources to our community, and saves us money.

Contact Junk Munkiez Today

If your home is full of stuff that isn’t serving you anymore, contact Junk Munkiez. We’re quick, responsive, and provide professional, friendly service. For more information on our rates or to request our junk pickup services, reach out to us today.

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Monday - Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
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Junk Munkiez is closed on any Federal Holidays