Junk Haulers for Eugene and Springfield

The story of the Junk Munkiez began in June 2016 when three brothers wanted to start a business in the Pacific Northwest. After brainstorming for some time, the idea of becoming junk haulers came to mind. Shortly afterward, our junk hauling business became a reality.

Donating and Recycling

After playing with the idea of a monkey as our logo, one of the three brothers, Logan, came up with the notion of using the proverb of the three wise monkeys for our tagline. We changed ”see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” to “tired of seeing, hearing, speaking about your junk.” We thought using the three wise monkeys as a reference was clever, considering we were three junk haulers.

Junk Munkiez to the Rescue

After deciding on our slogan and logo, we wanted a name that was easy to remember and conveyed what our service was about. “Junk”—without a doubt—denotes that we offer junk hauling services, and we decided on “Munkiez” to avoid any trademark issues. Plus, its spelling is an eye-catcher. Thus the name “Junk Munkiez” was born.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Since we’ve been in business, our junk hauling service has been gaining popularity. We’ve received many positive online reviews and appreciative feedback from our customers. We believe that providing reliable and professional service is responsible for this, and we trust that we keep moving in this positive direction.

Junk Haulers Can Help!

We understand that removing junk from your home can feel overwhelming. Junk Munkiez can help make this process more affordable and easier for you. We offer reasonable prices and work quickly and effectively to remove all types of junk from your home. From mattresses to refrigerators, we can recycle, donate, and take your junk to the dump. For more information about our services or to set up an appointment with our junk haulers, contact us today!

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Monday - Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: Closed
Junk Munkiez is closed on any Federal Holidays