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Let Us Tell You About Junk Munkiez

Providing Quality Junk Removal and Hauling Services

In Eugene, OR and its surrounding areas.

About Us

Our mission at Junk Munkiez is to become the number one junk removal and hauling service in Eugene, OR and its surrounding areas. We plan on doing this by providing the fastest and most reliable professional service.

The story of the Junk Munkiez began in June 2016 when three brothers wanted to start a business in the Pacific North West. After brainstorming for some time, the idea of hauling junk came to mind and shortly afterward, it became a reality.

How Did We Get Started

After playing with the idea of a monkey as our logo, one of the three brothers, Logan, came up with the thought of interchanging the proverb of the three wise monkeys. We then changed the ”see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” to “tired of seeing, hearing, speaking about your junk” and this became our tagline. We thought using the three wise monkeys as reference was clever considering there were three of us too.

After deciding on what our slogan and logo would be, we wanted a name that is easy to remember and conveyed what our service is about. “Junk”—without a doubt—denotes that we offer junk hauling services, and “Munkiez” was decided on after wanting to avoid any trademark issues. Plus, its spelling is an eye-catcher, thus the name “Junk Munkiez.”

Since then, our junk hauling service has been gaining popularity, as made evident by positive online reviews we have been receiving. We believe that providing the most reliable service in Oregon is the reason for this—we feel we're heading in that direction if we haven't done so already.

We Care

Junk Munkiez does its best to donate and recycle. We're well aware of the amount of debris that enters our landfills. Junk Munkiez alone dumped 84,660 pounds in 2017.

Why not try to keep as much out as possible? It improves the environment, helps community members in need, and saves us money! Donating and recycling are a win-win for everyone.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customer service skills are our key to success! A company that doesn't value the importance of ensuring a happy customer is bound for failure.

We strive to get you scheduled as quickly as possible, show up on time, and provide professional, friendly service. You deserve to feel comfortable knowing who is showing up to your property and not getting the impression you're being an inconvenience to the haulers you're hiring.


We charge by volume (how much space it takes up) and labor intensity. For example, a couch will cost more upstairs to remove than a couch on the first floor. Unfortunately it's impossible to give an accurate estimate over the phone, even with pictures. That's why estimates are upfront and totally free. If the quote goes over your budget then you can simply decline.

Our Minimum


The minimum covers your first 81 cubic feet for most debris. Certain items that are well within the minimum but prove to be difficult to remove will be charged at different rates.

Junk Removal Rates

After the 81 cubic foot minimum, our rates drop down to $1.11 per cubic foot. Stairs, heavy and/or awkward items, debris entangled in brush, debris that's in non sanitary areas(such as animal feces, decaying matter, drug paraphernalia, rodent infested, etc.) will increase the rate at which we charge.

Additional Costs

Certain items have additional costs on top of the labor. This is due to Lane County Waste Management charging us per item to dispose of these types of materials. They include:


$12 each

Box Spring

$12 each


$12 each

With Refrigerant

$15.25 each

Propane Tanks

$4.50 each

Box Spring

$12 each

Tires (no rim)

$3 each

Tires (with rim)

$4 each

Add a footnote if this applies to your business

Need To Sell?

Losing loved ones is always hard, and needing to sell their house while trying to decide what to do with their old belongings makes the matter even harder. We can help alleviate some of that stress.

Contact Us

Junk Munkiez LLC


  • Monday - Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Sunday: Closed
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Junk Munkiez will be closed December the 24th -26th 2018.

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